Sonic Seducer 2004-07/08 inkl. Wave Gothik Treffen Special und Fetisch Special

Sonic Seducer 07-08/2005 mit Fixmer/Mc Carthy Titelstory, 16 Seiten Fetisch Special, M’era Luna Program Magazin, CD-Beilage mit Tracks von Fixmer/Mc Carthy, Frontline Assembly, Zentriert ins Antlitz, Ministry u. v. m. Im Mag: The Cure, Evanescence, Ministry, L’Ame Immortelle, Morrissey, De/Vision, Xandria, Oomph! u. v. m.
Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 2004/07-08 mit Wave Gotik Treffen Special

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Description Artists:
The 69 Eyes, Aiboforcen, ASP, Bella Morte, Carpathian Forest, Cell Division, Chamber, Collide    , Cruachan, Das Ich, De/Vision, Down Below, Drowning Pool, Esoteric, Evanescence, Festival Of Darkness, From Planet 13, Front Line Assembly, Ikara Colt, Informatik, Insekt, L’Ame Immortelle, Lacrimas Profundere, Lisa Schaphaus (Xandria), Melotron, Memphis Team, Mephisto Walz, Mind.In.A.Box., Ministry, Morrissey, Nik Page, Officium Triste, Oomph!, Paloma im Blute, Panzer AG, Pronoian Made, Rotoskop meet Dazordoreal, Schandmaul, Strange Boutique, Substance Of Dream, The Cure, Theatre Des Vampires, Theodor Bastard, VNV Nation, Vox Celesta, Wednesday 13`s Frankenstein Drag Queens, Wunder

CD-Beilage - Tracklist:
1. Fixmer/McCarthy “You Want It” (Edit)
2. Frontline Assembly “Vanished (Illusions of Grandier Mix)” (Edit)
3. Zentriert Ins Antlitz „Ultra Violent Ultra Skilled (Club Mix)”
4. Ministry “No ‘W’”
5. Necare “Gethsemane”
6. Mephisto Walz “One Day Less”
7. Antiworld “Imhotep”
8. Phantom Vision “More Than Than”
9. Regicide “Biography“
10. Aeternitas „Edelmann & Edelfrau“
11. Theodor Bastard „Dogma“
12. Inertia “Slow Motion”
13. Swarf „Drown“
14. Decades “No Cure”
Multimedia Section
15. The 69 Eyes “Brandon Lee (Live Clip)”
Monday the 18th.
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