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Sonic Seducer 2013-09 mit Gothic Fetisch Kalender 2014 + CD und 2 Sticker

Sonic Seducer 09/2013 mit Gothic Fetisch Kalender 2014 im Großformat + CD mit über 75 Minuten Spielzeit + 2 exkl. Sticker von Nine Inch Nails und Covenant
2013-09 Sonic Seducer Placebo

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Description Artists: Apoptygma Berzerk, ASP, Autoviolet, Henric de la Cour, Cat Rapes Dog, Covenant, Dark Age, DethRok , Devildriver, Down Below, Editors, Eklipse, End Of Green, Glasvegas, Goldfrapp, Hocico, In Extremo, Individual Totem, Letzte Instanz, Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Lord Of The Lost, David Lynch, Ministry, The Mission, Moderat, Mono Inc., New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Pride And Fall, ReVamp, Saltatio Mortis, Satyricon, Schandmaul, Schöngeist, Signal Aout, Soil, Staubkind, Tanzwut, Tarja, Turisas, White Lies
Basics: 5 Records: Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly), Abo, Editorial, Hatebox: Ralf Albers (Fiddler s Green), Impressum, News, Preview, Verlosung
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Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 145 CD
01. Mono Inc. - Heile, heile Segen [Exklusiv]
02. Saltatio Mortis - Früher war alles besser
03. Army Of The Universe - When The Sky Blacks Out [Exklusiv]
04. Escalator - God Eat God
05. Pride And Fall - The Knife
06. Volt 9000 - Toybox
07. Monica Richards - Fall
08. Halo In Reverse - King O
09. Kimaera - Ancient Serpents
10. The Shallow Graves - Times Are Changing
11. Aaimon - Flatliner (Snow Covered Grave Remix by Vllhll)
12. Essence Of Mind - Escape (Single Edit)
13. Paranoid Android - Heaven
14. Psy Aviah - Paused
15. Dead When I Found Her - Rain Machine
16. Marc van Goth - Treulos
17. Silent Scream - Man On Fire
Monday the 30th.
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