Sonic Seducer 2000-06: Die Walpurgisnacht-Ausgabe mit Mittelalter-Special und CD-Beilage

Sonic Seducer 2000-06: Die Walpurgisnacht Ausgabe mit Mittelalter-Special (Walpurgisnacht – Die Nacht der Hexen), Zeromancer-Titelstory, HIM-Postkarte und CD Beilage mit Tracks von: Garden Of Delight, Zeromancer, Cleaner Suicide u. v. m. Im Mag: The Cure, Nightwish, Inchtabokatables, And One u. v. m.
Sonic Seducer 2000-06: Die Walpurgisnacht Ausgabe mit Mittelalter-Special und CD-Beilage

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Beschreibung Artists:
Zeromancer, Mandrake, The Cure, And One, Eric Burton (Catastrophe Ballet), Assemblage 23, Beyond The Wall Of Sleep, Brassy, The Breath Of Life, Brighter Death Now, Buzzcocks, The Cassandra Complex, Cemetary 1213, Charon, Claire Voyant, Cleaner, Cosmicity, Cruachan, Cut.Rate.Box, Deepskin, The Deftones, Deinonychus, Duran Duran, Der Fluch, Generated X-ed, Gorgeous, Hekate, Immortal, The Inchtabokatables, Iron Maiden, Mastertune, Massiv in Mensch, Mfdmk, Moloko, Nightwish, November 17, Ordo Equitum Solis, Orplid, Pale Forest, Pain, Paragon Of Beauty, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Primordial, Project-X, Sanctum, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, The Stepkings, Two Witches

CD-Beilage - Tracklist:
01. Mandrake „Nightshades“
02. Zeromancer „Clone Your Lover“ (Pitchfork-RMX)
03. The Garden Of Delight „Astral Traveler“ (Radio Edit)
04. Ordo Equitum Solis „The Cursed Sings Its Songs“
05. Cleaner „Green Light“
06. Cut.Rate.Box „Misery“
07. Beyond The Wall Of Sleep „Pale“
08. Hagalaz‘ Runedance „The Dawning“
In lange vergessene Zeiten entführen die H
09. Soil & Eclipse „Accension“
10. Mastertune „The Story Of Conquest“
11. Despairation „Perception’s Bitter Shores“
12. Suicide Commando „Kevorkian“
13. Near Dark „Water“
14. Multimedia-Track: London After Midnight „Kiss“ (Videoclip)

15. Multimedia-Track: Vampirjagd (PC-Game)
16. Multimedia-Track: Matrix (Screensaver)
Thursday the 5th.
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