Sonic Seducer 2013-02 mit Blutengel-Titelstory + Gothic Taschenkalender 2013 + CD

Sonic Seducer 2013-02 mit Blutengel-Titelstory + Gothic Taschenkalender 2013 + CD, Bands: Dead Can Dance, Estampie, Diorama, Anne uvm.
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Cold Hands Seduction Vol 139

01.Mono Inc. · I Feel You
02.A Life Divided · Walking In My Shoes
03.Patenbrigade:Wolff · Condemnation
04.Unzucht · Mercy In You
05.Sound Sequence · In Your Room
06.Solitary Experiments · Rush
07.Leave's Eyes · One Caress
08.Skyte · Higher Love
09. Noisuf-X „Humourless Men“
10. Centhron „Asgard“
11. Dark Control Operation „Backlash“
12. Combat Voice „Absolute Mind Control“
13. Molllust „Schatten“



Ad Inferna, Ancient VVisdom, Black Light Burns, Blutengel, Claudia Brücken, Bullet For My Valentine, Centhron, Combat Voice, Combichrist, Coppelius, Dark Control Operation, Diorama, Einstürzende Neubauten, Eisenherz, Esben And The Witch, Estampie, Faun, Grooving In Green, Hocico, In The Nursery, Die Krupps, Kyla La Grange, A Life Divided, Love Is Colder Than Death, Mesh, Mollust, Mordacious, Mors Principium Est, MRDTC, New Order, Noisuf-X, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Project Pitchfork, Shiv-R, Slave Republic, Tegan And Sara, This Drowning Man, Ulterior, Vishnu, Vomito Negro, X-Vivo, Zeromancer
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Discography: Dead Can Dance
Festival-Preview: E-tropolis
Stage: Anne Clark
Stage: Feuerschwanz
Stage: Helldone Festival
Stage: Katatonia
Stage: Pluswelt Festival
Stage: Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson
Studio: The Klinik

Tuesday the 15th.
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