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Sonic Seducer 2012-04 mit CD, Bands: Paradise Lost, And One, Marilyn Manson u.v.m.

Sonic Seducer 2012-04 mit CD im Digisleeve, Paradise Lost-Titelstory, Bands: And One, Killing Joke, Ministry, Unheilig, Heppner, Marilyn Manson u.v.m.
2012-04 sonic seducer paradise lost

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Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 130

01. Eklipse · Wonderful Life (Orig. By Hurts)
02. AtomA · Rainmen (Edit)
03. 18 Summers · Chippewa Lake Park
04. Killing Joke · Rapture
05. Ministry · Double Tap
06. Hearts Fail · Your're Burning Everything
07. Brother Sun, Sister Moon · South Downs By Morning
08. Ad Inferna · Revelation 17
09. Titans · It's Dark
10. Nolongerhuman · Don't Pray
11. Agent Side Grinder · Wolf Hour
12. Hardwire · God Help Us All
13. Schwarzbund · Das Tier
14. Deadjump · Pulse (Club RMX)
15. The Flood · High Above


18 Summers, Agent Side Grinder, Alpha Point, And One, Atari Teenage Riot, AtomA, Atrocity, Blackburner, Blitzmaschine, Bodenski, Borknagar, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Carter Tutti Void, Chrom, James Cook, Deadjump, Detroit Diesel, Eklipse, Exilia, The Flood, John Foxx & The Maths, Front Line Assembly, Giana Factory, Hardwire, Hearts Fail, Henke, Peter Heppner, The Jezabels, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson, Merciful Nuns, Ministry, Moonspell, Naglfar, Nexothex, No More, Paradise Lost, The Sandsacks, Schwarzbund, Titans, Unheilig, The Wars
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