Sonic Seducer 2004-11 mit großer Within Temptation Titelstory und CD-Beilage mit 14 Tracks

Sonic Seducer 11/2004 mit großer Within Temptation Titelstory und CD-Beilage mit Tracks von Dive, Blixa Bargeld, Tanzwut, Scream Silence u.v.m. Im Mag: Snakeskin, Samael, Diary Of Dreams, Elis, Mindless Faith, Marilyn Manson Placebo, Nightwish, The 69 Eyes u.v.m.
Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 2004-11 mit Within Temptation-Titelstrory

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Description Artists:
3 Colours Red    , The 69 Eyes, Agonoize, Angels & Agony, Autumnblaze, The Azoic, Beyond The Void, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Chamber, Cinema Strange, The Cold, Combichrist, Crack Ov Dawn, Diary Of Dreams, Dorn, Dryland, Endanger, Epica, Eurocide, The Faint, The Horrorist, Interpol, The Invincible Sex, John 5, Joke Jay, Kasabian, Lycosia, Marilyn Manson, Mindless Faith, Mindware, Nightwish, Oneiroid Psychosis, Placebo, Rorschach Garden, Rotting Christ, Samael, Shnarph!, Sirenia, Sleeping Children, Snakeskin, Proceed, Stendal Blast, The Stills, Tanzwut, Unheilig, Warren Suicide, Within Temptation, The Wicked, Yorick, Zadera, Zeraphine

CD-Beilage - Tracklist
1. Samael “Moongate”
2. VAST “Turquoise”
3. Dive „No, Nothing“
4. PROCEED “Schuldig”
5. Joke Jay “Das Original”
6. Mono Chrome “Sold”
7. Concise “Aim”
8 Scream Silence “Obilivion”
9. Killing Miranda “Embrace”
10. Crack Ov Dawn “Rise n´ Fall”
11. Beyond The Void “Echoshade”
12. Yorick “Dracula”
Multimedia Section
13. Tanzwut “Gnade” (Liveclip)
Wer Tanzwut noch nie live erlebt hat
14. Blixa Bargeld liest Hornbach (13 Clips)
Thursday the 21st.
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