Sonic Seducer 2004-05 mit Vampir-Extrabeilage und 16 Tracks auf CD

Sonic Seducer 05/2004 mit großer Schandmaul Titelstory , Extrabeilage „Geschöpfe der Finsternis – Untote, Wiedergänger & Nachtmahre“ und CD Beilage mit Tracks von Leaves‘ Eyes, Xandria, Atrocity, Earth Loop Recall u.v.m. Im Mag: Schandmaul, Evanescence, Skinny Puppy, Lacrimosa, Bauhaus, HIM, u.v.a.
Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 05/2004 mit Schandmaul-Titelstory

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Description Artists:
Ataraxia, Atrocity, Babyland, Bauhaus, Cephalgy, Crematory, The Crystal Method, The Dirty Americans, !Distain, Dronning Maud Land, Earth Loop Recall, Equatronic, E.R.R.A., Evanescence, Fear Factory, Haggard, Helium Vola Icon & The Black Roses, Imperative Reaction, Irrlichter, Juno Reactor, Khold, Lacrimosa, Levinhurst, Mona Mur, Morthem Vlade Art, Neikka RPM, November Process, Obsc(y)re, Projecto Mirage, Punto Omega, Skinny Puppy, Spetsnaz, Staubkind, Stoa, Therion, Velvet Acid Christ, Xandria, Z Prochek, Sirenia (Morten), Lacrimas Profundere, Leaves’ Eyes, Nightwish, Einstürzende Neubauten, HIM, Zeraphine, Illuminate

CD-Beilage - Tracklist:
1. Leaves’ Eyes „Norwegian Lovesong“
2. Xandria “Some Like It Cold”
3. Atrocity “Enigma”
4. Earth Loop Recall “Reconnect”
5. The Retrosic “Total War (Edit)”
6. Neikka RPM “One And Only”
7. E.R.R.A. “Light Of Love (Clubmission Mix)”
8. Equatronic “Shame (remixed by Pearls Of Dew)”
9. Obsc(y)re “Nail Your Dreams”
10. Tabloid “Alcohol Speaking”
11. Ataraxia “De Poupre Et D´Argent“
12. Die Irrlichter „Ronde Mon Ami“
13. Beautiful Disease „Traumtag“
14. Desiderii Marginis “From Glory To Where”
Multimedia Section:
15. Run Level Zero “K.A.D.O.” (Videoclip)
16. Black Mirror (PC Game) – Trailer
Sunday the 17th.
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