Sonic Seducer 2004-09 mit großer Rammstein Titelstory, A2 Postern von Rammstein und Oomph!

Sonic Seducer 09/2004 mit großer Rammstein Titelstory, A2 Postern von Rammstein und Oomph!, inkl. Miroque Festival Magazin, CD-Beilage mit Tracks von Danzig, Mortiis, Nik Page, Lake of Tears u.v.m. Im Mag: Korn vs. In Extremo, Mindless Faith, Fixmer/ Mc Carthy, Danzig, Evanesence, The Prodigy, Moonspell, The 69 Eyes, u.v.m.

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Description Artists:
The 69 Eyes, Aeternitas, L’Ame Immortelle, The Ancient Gallery, Antiworld, Assemblage 23, Backlash, Blind Faith And Envy, Borknagar, Client, Cradle Of Filth, Danzig    ,Douglas McCarthy (Fixmer/ McCarthy), E-Craft, Evanescence/ Seether, Finnugor, Garden Of Delight, Hocico, Inner Shrine, Iridio, Korn vs. In Extremo, Kraftwerk, Lunascape, Mindless Faith, Miss Kittin, Mnemonic, Moonspell, Morgenstern, Mortiis    , Ordeal By Fire, Pandique, Panic DHH, Paul Van Dyk & Peter Heppner, Radio 4, Sanguis, Skinny Puppy, Snow In China, Sopor Aeternus, Swarf, Syrian, System Syn, The Prodigy, Turisas    , Tweaker, Zentriert ins Antlitz

CD-Beilage - Tracklist:
1. Danzig “1000 Devils Reign”
2. Mortiis “Gibber”
3. Nik Page “Seelenfänger”
4. Lunascape “Praise Me”
5. Angel Theory “Drifting Away”
6. I, Synthesist “The Lost Parade”
7. The Stills “Fevered”
8. Lake Of Tears “The Greymen”
9. Desert + Fortune “Zombified”
10. The Ancient Gallery “Was wir wollen”
11. Karkadan “Passing Away (Edit)”
12. Diabolical Breed “Hominis Nocturna”
Multimedia Section
13. Garden Of Delight “High Empress”
Thursday the 19th.
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