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CD-Rezension / Review / Kritik

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  1. Fury In The Slaughterhouse „Little Big World – Live & Acoustic“
  2. Future Islands „The Far Field”
  3. Future Lied To Us „Presence“
  4. Fvnerals „Wounds“
  5. Gabi Delgado „1“
  6. Gin Devo „Electrotheque“
  7. Gitane Demone Quartet „Past The Sun“
  8. Karen Elson „Double Roses”
  9. Klaus Dinger & Pre-Japandorf „2000!“
  10. Les Discrets „Prédateurs“
  11. Reinhold Friedl / Franck Vigroux „Tobel“
  12. Ricardo Donoso "Sarava Exu"
  13. Robin Foster „Empyrean“
  14. Rudolf Eb.er „Brainnectar“
  15. Simon Fisher Turner „The Epic Of Everest“
  16. The Dark Element „The Dark Element“
  17. The Dark Shadows „Autumn Still…”
  18. The Dark Unspoken „Beyond Your Control“
  19. The Devil & The Universe „Folk Horror“
  20. The Doctors „Unterwelt“
  21. The Doomsday Kingdom „The Doomsday Kingdom”
  22. The Doors „The Doors“ (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
  23. The Dreaming "Rise Again"
  24. The Dreamside „Sorrow Bearing Tree”
  25. The Drums „Encyclopedia“
  26. The Duke Spirit "Kin"
  27. The Dwarfs Of East Agouza "Bes"
  28. The Eden House „Songs For The Broken Ones“
  29. The Eternal Afflict „Birth Life Death”
  30. The Eternal Afflict „Perish!“ (EP)
  31. The Exploding Boy „Alarms!“
  32. The Exploding Boy „Four“
  33. The Eye Of Time „Acoustic“
  34. The Fall „New Facts Emerge”
  35. The Fauns „Lights“
  36. The Firm Incorporated "Veritas"
  37. The Flaming Lips „Oczy Mlody”
  38. The Flood „In Love Or Despair”
  39. The Force Dimension „Machine Sex”
  40. The Foreign Resort „The American Dream“
  41. The Foreshadowing "Seven Heads, Ten Horns"
  42. The Fright „Canto V“
  43. The Frozen Autumn „The Fellow Traveller“
  44. William Fitzsimmons „Lions“
  45. [de:ad:cibel] „Globalized“
  46. „The Inevitable Rise & Fall Of Fake White & The Ill Fated Tour”
Wednesday the 27th.
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