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Sonic Stecktasche CH Vol219 2D

Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 219
01. Frozen Plasma „Another Girl“
02. Arcana Obscura „Restless Dreams”
03. Von Mollestein „Run Little Rabbit“
04. The Slow Readers Club „Killing Me”
05. 808 Dot Pop „Ultraviolet”
06. Marco Gahrig (Illusion Of Light) „Create Yourself“ (Extended Version 2020)
07. Steril „Black Jesus” (Single Version)
08. Lights A.M „Surrender & Evolve”
09. Telepathy „Pariah”
10. Cemetery Sex Fairies „Mystery”
11. Elvis De Sade „Cheerings From The Other Side”
12. N A T U R E „The Architect”
13. H.O.W. „Happiness Imperative”
14. p.c.n Ambiloco „Awaiting The Ascension Of Darkness”
15. Kariti „Sky Burial”
16. Grave Circles „Faith The Fades”
17. Demonum „Before The Law” (Edit)

Sonic Kartonstektasche SomeGreatReward 2D

„35 Years Of Some Great Reward“
(A Tribute To Depeche Mode: Live And Acoustic Version Performed By Forced To Mode):

01. "If You Want"
02. "Lie To Me"
03. "People Are People"
04. "It Doesn’t Matter"
05. "Stories Of Old" (Acoustic)
06. "Master And Servant" (Acoustic)
07. "Something To Do"
08. "Somebody"
09. "Blasphemous Rumors"

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