Sonic Seducer 1998-04 mit großer Dimmu Borgir-Titelstory

Sonic Seducer 1998-04 mit großer Dimmu Borgir-Titelstory. Im Mag: HIM, Fear Factory, Project Pitchfork, The Cure, Korn, Garbage, Veljanov, Paradise Lost, Slayer u.v.m.

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Daemonarch, Front 242, Paradise Lost, Sisters Of Mercy, Hecate Enthroned, Apoptygma Berzerk, Anthrax, The Gallery, Terminal Choice, Project Pitchfork, Agathodaimon, Pitbull Daycare, Fear Factory, Uranium 235, Frontline  Assembly Korn, Eternal Afflict, Impressions of Winter, Giants Causeway, Sentenced, VNV Nation, RX Ritalin, And One, Garbage, Jesus And Mary Chain, Orgy, Dimmu Borgir, Death, Dance Or Die, Diary Of Dreams, Funker Vogt, Merlons, Ernst Horn, Manipulation, Two, The Neon Judgement, Illuminate, Crack Of Doom, Koma, Shadow Project, Slayer, Alexander Veljanov, Sol Invictus, Backyard Babies, Alastis, Endraum, Never Endless, Paracont, Velvent Acid Christ, Sonar
Thursday the 12th.
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