Sonic Seducer 2003-04 mit 2 CDs und Mittelalterspecial

Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 2004-04 mit großer Wolfsheim-Titelstory, Mittelalterspecial, 2 CD’s mit Tracks von Wolgsheim, Mila Mar, Kataonia, Implant u.v.m. Im Mag: Placebo, The Kovenant, HIM, Martin Gore, Marilyn Manson, Tanzwut, Paradise Lost u.v.m.
Sonic Seducer Ausgabe 2003-04 inkl. Mittelalterspecial

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Wolfsheim, Elend, Paradise Lost, Within Temptation, Ministry, Gary Numan, The Devils, Belief, Client, Decoded Feedback, Dementi, ESR, EverEve, Martin Gore, Gothminister, HIM, Human Decay, Das Ich, Implant, Jesus Complex, Katatonia, The Kovenant, Linkin Park, London After Midnight, Lullacry, Marilyn Manson, Mila Mar, Morthem Vlade Art, Naglfar, Negative Format, Neuroticfish, Pinkostar, Placebo, The Provenance, Rotoskop, S.V.D., Tanzwut, To/ Die/ For, Unheilig, Were,:wumpscut:

CD-Beilage – Tracklist
1. Wolfsheim Kein Zurück (Memphis-Remix) exklusiver Remix!
2. Mila Mar Sense Of Being (Moondawn Mix) exklusiver Remix!
3. Neuroticfish Skin (Binary Radio Version) exklusiv!
4. Decoded Feedback The Fruit of Wisdom
5. S.V.D Sex Love
6. Were Further
7. Negative Format Schema
8. Pinkostar Lose Yourself
9. Katatonia Criminals
10. The Provenance Climbing Ideals
Multimedia Section
11. HIM Interview-Video
12. Wolfsheim Interview-Video

Labelspecial ALFA MATRIX + Cold HANDS
1. Hungry Lucy „In The Circle”
2. Epsilon Minus „Ocean Floor”
3. Nebula-H „Twilight Zone”
4. Glis „Resolution”
5. Plastic Noise Experience „Maschinen“
6. Implant „Hang The DJ“
7. Neikka RPM „Here’s Your Revolution“
8. Mnemonic „Nuce“ (feat. l.iet)
9. Typhoid „Cut'n'Bass“
10. Winterkälte „Tropical Timber Trade“
11. Proyecto Mirage „Conspiracy“
12. Mono No Aware „After The Experiment“
13. Needle Sharing „Kick Start“
14. S.I.N.A „Die Your Life“
15. Synth-Etik „Unit-Synth“
Friday the 6th.
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